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Batman v Superman Breakdown

Batman v Superman Breakdown


So I had the opportunity to see Batman v Superman in theatres on Saturday night and I must say I was really impressed by the movie despite the horribly negative attention its been getting lately, its really well done from a storytelling perspective as it forces you to pay close attention to detail as there are hints in character dialogue and such.  I've been talking to friends about this movie and I asked them to tell me why they thought this movie was horrible to them and only 1 person I know was able to tell me clearly why they hated it so much and why it could have been much better for them.   The purpose of this breakdown is to answer all the unanswered questions to help people understand exactly what is going on.

First off I want to start of by pointing out that the title of the movie doesn't hint towards "versus" as the v in the title is a legal system term for "against" or "and" so anyone that was upset that there wasn't enough fighting between Batman & Superman there is the explanation, it was never intended to be a flat out 'versus' film.   This films purpose is to explore the relationship/similarities of both Batman and Superman and explore their struggle of controlling their humanity.

Anyone that says this movie is horrible is flat out not being truthful, the truth behind that is it sucks because they simply do not understand OR they let their hate for Ben Affleck (who I thought did a great job) get in the way of the bigger picture.   This movie was split into 4 "acts" dealing with popular comic book storylines surrounding BVS and those were in order as follows:

  1. Batman, Death of a family
  2. Frank Millers Dark Knight
  3. Justice League War
  4. Death of Superman

These 4 acts connect Batman v Superman to upcoming movies such as Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.   The main gripe people seemed to have was with Jesse Eisenberg's portrayal of Lex Luthor when in fact everyone totally missed the fact that he was not portraying Lex Luthor at all! he was portraying Lex's psychopathic son Alexander Luthor and here are my points further proving that fact.

1. He is off the wall insane, maniacally disturbed, and out for revenge.

2. Revenge for what reason?

3. We are given a long sequence of Alexander moping about his father, his dad's favorite painting that depicts a gothic battle between winged demons and angels.

4. The motivation for Alexander hating Superman, hating Batman, wanting them both to be dead makes no sense...

5. Unless you consider that Lexcorp's number one rival in Tech and Real Estate is WAYNE ENTERPRISES!

6. Alexander exposes that he knows about Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg. He knows who Superman is. He obviously then knows who Batman is.

7. Now here's my point: LEX (Alexander's dad) was in Metropolis when Superman and Zod had their battle. Lex is lost and believed to be dead. Alexander was abused mentally, perhaps physically, and given no credibility by his father, but worshipped him all the same.

8. Alexander wants Batman to kill Superman with the kryptonite stolen from LexCorp's research facility. And if Batman (Bruce Wayne) dies in the process, he literally kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

9. To prepare for the off chance that Superman survives, Alexander manipulates his way into the birthing chamber in Zod's ship and creates an abomination that could kill Superman.

10. The motivation is solid: Alexander wants to kill the man who allegedly killed his father. He also wants his biggest rival wiped out.

On top of all of that we are given several dialogue cues to further believe that Jesse Eisenberg was in fact playing Alexander Luthor Jr.  

People also wondered what Batman had against Superman in the first place and the answer is simple, the Batman that Ben Affleck is portraying is a battle beaten cynic at this point in his career and Alfred claims in dialogue to Bruce "The feeling of powerlessness that turns good men cruel".  His unsympathetic nature throughout the film is based on the fact that his closest ally in Robin/Jason Todd was killed at the hands of The Joker several years before, Bruce is now jaded and is out for justice at all costs no matter who he hurts.

And also the fact that Superman jumped into water to retrieve a spear he knows full well would weaken him, let me take you back to when The Flash appeared to Bruce in the Knightmare sequence and proclaimed that "Lois is the Key" what does this mean? The answer is useless as Lois was in this film she is the key to Superman's humanity because if she died in this film Superman would have embraced the hate and been an unstoppable killing machine.  He retrieves the spear because just minutes before Lois almost gets herself killed and ultimately saved by Superman trying to get the spear herself, seeing this Clark accepts his fate and knows that the only way to keep Lois and this Earth safe is to simply not be around anymore.

But im certain the one thing that pissed everyone off the most about this movie is the fact that it seems to have too much going on at once.  It's clear that is done on purpose to establish things and events that will be further explained in future movies such as Suicide Squad (which takes place before the events of Batman v Superman) and Wonder Woman that will touch on Wonder Womans' origin story as well as why the hell she was in Metropolis in the first place. This movie is simply to establish the relationship between Superman and Batman and to kick start the future Justice League film.  So before we raise our pitchforks to Zack Snyder's face just remember everything in this movie is done for a reason.

This movie has garnered so much negative attention because people don't and will not take the time to pay attention to detail in movies, people don't want dark and gritty, people want FUN, which is why the Marvel movies have such success because they don't require as much thought to understand because of the simplistic nature of the characters and universe they created for us.  We are all spoiled by the simplicity of those movies that we cannot appreciate a movie that makes us think and ask us questions without instantly writing it off as crap because a couple critics say so.  Are we all ignoring the fact that Spiderman needed 3 1/2 films to FINALLY get it right? If Spiderman can get a pass why cant people take the same chance with BvS or is it the fact that no one forgives Zack Snyder for Watchmen to this day? That's the question that I need an answer to.

It's okay to have a mind of your own, and it is okay to like this movie.  Don't hate this movie because you don't understand it, but embrace it because sometimes different is good.

Image courtesy of CNBC

Image courtesy of CNBC



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